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Career Toolkit for Graduate Students: Communicating Science to Non-experts

Wednesday, October 5, 2022
12:00pm - 1:30pm
Boettcher Room

Registration is required. There are 17 seats available.

Communicating Science to Non-Experts

Science has many stakeholders not educated in scientific fields. Effectively communicating your research and scientific interests to people unfamiliar with your field is an important skill. When you embed in a research group and interact with experts it might seem like everyone knows the jargon, but this is not true. You might also think that to solve this problem you need to “dumb it down” but this is also untrue, your audience isn’t dumb. To be effective at communicating science, you need to transcend barriers in language and jargon. This workshop led by Seth Vuletich (Scholarly Communications Librarian) and Katy Armstrong (Career and Professional Development Advisor) will help you to understand how to effectively communicate your research to non-experts and why it is necessary.

Please register in advance. Lunch will be provided for preregistered attendees.

This workshop is part of the Career Toolkit for Graduate Students workshop series. Career Toolkit for Graduate Students is a workshop series aiming to provide early career researchers with tips, tools, and best practices across the research lifecycle as well as prepare students for life beyond school.

The series is hosted weekly by Seth Vuletich, Scholarly Communications Librarian, and Roel Snieder, Director of the Center for Professional Development Education.

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Career Toolkit for Graduate Students: Communicating Science to Non-experts


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